Lamb Horn with Marrow

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Lamb horns are a fun healthy chew; they naturally contain calcium and phosphorus, the outer shell is made of keratin -not bone- which can support skin and coat health in dogs. Lamb horns also help clean teeth since they're made of  thousands of small fibers that act like a natural toothbrush.
Lamb Horn Marrow is rich in vitamins, calcium and protein. It helps improve brain function, supports the immune system, and maintains heathy bones. 

This single-ingredient chew is highly digestible and is appropriate even for dogs with dietary sensitivities, allergies, and for those on raw diets.
We offer 3 sizes, small, medium and Large. Pictured is BMO, a 6 kilo terrier mix, holding a small horn.

Cleaned, prepared and safe, lasts for hours
Please note that this is a natural product so color and shape may vary. 
Always supervise dogs with a chew and remove when it's small enough to swallow.
Because of the high calcium content your dog's poop might have a lighter color than usual after consuming this chew.

Lamb Horn with Marrow - Small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.