Hi! I’m Mona, and this is my buddy, BMO.

Doggy Bites was started in 2018 as a joint venture between me and my furball to try and fill a gap in the local dog treat market…and when I say a gap, I mean a gaping void!

All I wanted was a heart-healthy way to train and treat BMO, using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients that would cater to his sensitive tummy. While you might think dogs will eat just about anything, well…my little guy would literally turn his nose up at the packaged stuff from the store.

Neither of us were fond of additives, so I started the hunt for the perfect dog treat. But no matter how hard I searched, I just couldn’t find anything to satisfy our needs, so using only human-grade ingredients, we got to work.

While I did the reading, research, preparation, shopping, kitchen set-up, cooking, baking, packaging…well, BMO had the very difficult job of taste-testing! So here we are, 12 recipes later,  we are now serving puppers and doggoes in Amman and beyond.

Oh! And BMO has something to say about that, too:

WOOF! <3